Nursery Rhymes , Bed Time Stories , Moral Stories,  Learning alphabets,  Learning Numbers,  toys and much more at chiklupiklu ,  Apart from this , because chiklupiklu is focused on Pre-school kids  we also write a lot about the health and good nutrition, young parents can participate in the articles suggesting some tips for any toddler problem. how did you fight flu or some winter care tips  and may be more, you never know your small tip may save the day for  a mom somewhere in the planet.

Because the streaming videos on you tube , Netflix , hulu  and other platforms, its very very easy to get you kids on basic learning, kids catch up on phenoms, rhymes, words, numbers very very fast, Along with this technology exposure, parents must make sure that kids get to play with traditional toys and  outdoors, How ever , Kindergarten, Playschools  make sure there is  enough physical activities  for kids, They make friends and  eat,play,dance with them for 4-5 hours,  I think this keeps them away from computers and gadgets for enough time. So at home its okay to give access to all the streaming content for kids without any fear.

We will try our best to come up with great ideas  on spending quality time with kids and give them awesome content to watch and learn.