Easy home meals for a one-year-old

 Easy home meals for a one-year-old

"baby food tips"

Baby Food – Easy home meals for a one-year-old

We are back with a new blog related with baby food, in this blog we are sharing easy home meals for a one year old.

Every growth stage presents you with exciting challenges. They may be as simple as feeding the baby, knowing the right games for the child or potty training. Most parents find themselves in a dilemma when choosing the right foods for the baby, and so end up with packed foods. While there is nothing wrong them, it is more advisable to feed a baby on easy to make home foods for a well-balanced nutrition. Here are a few of them to start you off.

Let’s see Baby food tips-

We will divide the tips according to a daily meal plan where the baby is fed three times on main meals a day.


Ensure that the baby is well fed on cereals and proteins in the morning so that he is packed with enough energy for the day. You can do a combination of porridge followed by a cup of milk for breakfast. Then give a light fruit such as a banana or a piece of strawberry.  You can substitute it with oats and yoghurt.


Go for a variety of fruits or snacks. An avocado is an excellent choice for this time of the day. You can mix it with crackers or chips, or give him on its own. Give in small quantities and leave for lunch. Other suitable options would be a smoothie either a banana, pawpaw, a mix of pineapple or melon or biscuits with cheese.


Go for a balanced diet. Make a quick meal of chicken and a potato, preferably sweet potato. Sprinkle amaranth into the almost cooked food. Since chicken may still too hard for the baby, go for a minced chicken thigh. Use olive oil and give water after feeding. Follow with breast milk or any healthy milk after an hour.


Get fresh fruits and combine with a cereal. You can get a slice of bread or any make quick soft cakes for the baby. Make the baby mango slices and sprinkle with yoghurt for a start. If you do not use yoghurt, serve with ½ cup milk.


Since you gave a white meat, read protein over lunch, go for a plant protein or a red meat. Look for appropriate baby rice that cooks extremely and make a thick soup of black beans. Cook them until they are well done and consider yellow pepper and minced tomatoes for an appealing colour. You can substitute this with mashed potatoes and liver for the next day.

Remember this is not a fixed diet. It is just a sample of balanced home made meals for a year old baby and possible substitutes. Keep it here as I give you recipes for different baby foods that you can make at home with 100% balanced and natural diet.

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