Baby Health Tips – Not Allowed Foods for your Baby less then 1 year

Baby Health Tips – Not Allowed Foods for your Baby less then 1 year

"baby health tips"

Baby Health Tips

Here in this blog we are sharing some very important tips on baby health that is eight not allowed food for less than one year baby. Its highly important topic for parents. Food is directly related to baby health so be conscious about what you are feeding to your baby.

Lets see eight not allowed food for baby – Baby Health Tips

1. Cow’s Milk – It may contains bacteria which can cause problem to your little one as well as it is very heavy to digest for your baby.  Its Better to feed Pasteurized Milk because it is  completely bacteria free.

2. Raw Vegetables – Very Heavy to digest as well as it can be a choking hazard (Stuck in baby’s little throat). Its Better to Boil or Steam the Raw Vegetables and make a Mesh (if required) of it and serve to your baby (Add a pinch of salt for better taste.

3. Fruit Juice – It can cause diarrhoea to infants if served more then 4 ounce a day.

4. Honey – It may contain Clostridium botulinuma which can cause botulism to infants.

5. Dry Fruits/ Whole Nuts – Should be avoided due to choking hazard. You can soak dry fruits in Water or Milk for whole night and make a paste which can be added with milk.

6. Fast Food / Fried Food – Its very tasty but Chips, Wafers, Fryums, popcorn can chock your baby’s throat or stomach.

7. Citrus or Acidic Fruits – Fruits like Orange, Grapes, Lemon, Pineapple, Strawberries, Raspberries, Black Berries & Strawberries can upset your baby’s stomach & can Cause Diarrhea.

8. Refined Sugar – Sugar is refined by lots of Chemical process which can be harmful for baby as well as it can depress your baby’s immunity so instead of sugar your use Natural Sweetener, Sugar free or add sweet fruits to whatever you want to serve.

Hope you have something from this blog.

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