Top & 5 Best Baby Products Brand in India 2019

Top & 5 Best Baby Products Brand in India 2019

Aspiring parents and even parents of newborns and kids always face apprehension while deciding products for their little ones. The product should be mild, gentle, suitable, skin-friendly – there is a long checklist to tick mark! Here is the list of ‘Best Baby Products Brand in India 2019′. Chiklu-Piklu provides you a list of Best Baby Products Brand in India that will help you choose the best for your little heart!

The list of products for your babies isn’t too short!! This enlists the products ranging from Baby Cream, Baby Lotion, Shampoo, Powder, Diapers and wipes to Baby oils, Hair oils and even toys for your little one! Therefore much concern and care should be taken in order to choose the beat products for your kids:

  1. Baby products should be mild and chemical free- no infection / reaction must happen.
  2. Babies should be comfortable with the use of products.
  3. Avoid going for products that you don’t know much information about. Always choose trusted brands.

Best Baby Products Brand In India Name list :

There are various players in catering to the need of baby products since long. But only trusted brands should be used that are safe and gentle for your little one! The list of ‘Best Baby Products Brand in India’ goes like:

1. Himalaya Herbal Baby Care:

Himalaya Group is perhaps the most trusted and widely used Babycare brand. It is so because of its values of Safety and use of Natural ingredients. Founded in 1930, Himalaya group aims at providing the Best Baby Products with natural ingredients which are mild and gentle on your tiny toddlers’ skin!

It has in its basket the products like Himalaya Baby Cream, Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap, Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo, Himalaya Baby Massage Oil and to name a few! All the baby products are naturally and organically synthesized with ingredients like milk, natural oils, vitamins, almond, hibiscus extracts, Aloe Vera that are healthy and gentle for your little kiddo!

2. Johnson & Johnson:

Next in the list is Johnson & Johnson which meticulously makes products for not only babies but also for their moms! J&J consults with pediatricians and dermatologist before designing any product and strongly condemns use of chemicals in their baby products range. This makes it safe as well as convenient to use!

J&J Baby Lotion, No-Tear Shampoo, Baby oil and Baby Powder holds a trusted space amongst parents. These products don’t only care about moisturising the gentle skin but also about nurturing and hydrating nourishment. Specially formulated by the expert dermatologist, these products are tested and developed meticulously.

3. Baby Dove :

Apart from providing the complete beauty and wellness care range for adults, Dove has also contributed towards baby products segment – BABY DOVE. It presents itself as the Complete Care Baby Essential Set – especially designed to be gifted to would -be- moms!

This brand incorporates the products with gentle-moisture formula and scented fragrance. Products like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, Baby Bar, Baby Shampoo, Baby Wipes etc. comes as extra mild for newborn skin and are pH neutral and hypoallergenic – minimising the possible chances of skin allergies. So a big thumbs up for this range – safe and tested!

4. Pampers:

Next in the league is ‘Pampers’- a Procter & Gamble brand in Baby Care segment. This baby product brand basically aims at providing Diapers, Training Pants and Baby Wipes especially designed for the comfort of babies of every age – from precious newborns to pottey trained toddlers.

The diapers, wipes and pants are available in every size and fit- regular wipes, disposable training nappies and diapers especially tested and designed by the doctors and dermatologist to ensure dry, gentle and smooth experience. That too, without chemicals and with eco-friendly formula!

5. Mother Care:

Mother Care is probably the biggest name in the Best Baby Products Brand in India. Apart from its regular lineup of Baby Soaps, Baby Shampoos, Baby Powder, Baby Oil, it also has its roots invenerated in other segments – Baby Furniture, Baby Accessories and Toys.

Mother Care manufacturers accessories especially designed for babies and their moms. This list includes Feeding Bottles, Milk Bottles, Toiletries etc. that are highly required in day-to-day lives. These are chemical free, which means they are safe to be used by mothers and babies.

Mother Care also develops Furniture for babies, toys and swings for babies!!

So, these were the ‘Best Baby Product Brand in India’, which are widely used and trusted by moms and aspiring parents!

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