Blood Closet

Blood Closet

“Reports of school buses crashing bring unpleasant scenes in mind I would never dare utter about.

The silent clock in-house rings heavily in heart notifies me you getting off of class.

The time you cover the length from school to home my heart kept pounding as if it is travelling on a broken road.

You enter the home like flowers on the breeze, my heart rests in peace.”


Above written lines enlighten the mental state of a mother and grandmother. They send their kids to school by different means of transports. In cities students usually commute by bus, in towns, they travel by auto but in villages of India kids visit their schools on foot, where they have to walk through broken bridges sleeping on mighty rivers. Transportation doesn’t matter, once you are on the road you are at risk.

Indian Traffic police are a true example of multitasking. You easily spot them basking in the sun with their colleagues near a kiosk in the corner of the road regulating traffic with a cup of tea in hand. So one can enjoy ‘ride of one’s will’ easily on Indian roads, risking others and their life.

I live in a town so I see more autos than buses with kids from school, they look sad in the morning but happy after 2 pm. One day I saw an auto driver trying hard to get his auto started, he was pulling a rod next to his driving seat. After some repeated tries when his auto refused him to start he got off and went behind to open a small engine closet in the rear portion. He took out a bottle filled with petrol. Petrol is like blood to automobiles. He filled his auto’s petrol tank with the backup fuel kept reserved for such events. And off he went.

It was an intelligent act, he had a serious and responsible task to complete. Auto drivers commute apple of eyes to their awaiting grandmothers and mothers. Ten minutes delay could be a reason for high blood pressure and anxiety.

India has the highest number of road deaths across the globe. 401 people had lost lives on Indian roads every day in 2017. What fuel is to auto, blood is to humans, engine closet is blood bank and backup fuel is blood. Like that wise auto driver, our hospitals too keep stock of blood in blood banks. But we don’t need one or two bottles, we need it in large number.

Every person in this world who is eighteen years and over, healthy, and has not donated blood for last three months can donate blood to keep it reserve in blood closet in a hospital near you for the people in need. You can help people reach their homes healthy for their mother and grandmother.

Go and donate blood, trust me you will find yourself the happiest person on this planet.

Happy Blood Donor Day




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