Fruits snacks for kids Nutrition

Fruits snacks for kids Nutrition

Fruits snacks for kids nutrition

Hello, friends, this blog fruits snacks for kids nutrition will help you to understand which fruits and snack are good for kids health and what kind of nutrition child will get by them.

  1. Kids nutrition starts while playing with fruits chunks which kids love to dip in their food. Kid’s intake all the essential nutrients when they eat fruits, each fruit contains some essential nutrients and vitamins which helps in kid’s growth.
  2. Fun fruit salad can be a reason for kid’s nutrition it is just a healthy fruit which kids love to eat anytime, anywhere. This salad can be formed with any fruits which your kids love to eat.
  3. Dried fruits and nuts are the powerhouses of nutrition. Dried fruits and nuts contain all the essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates.
  4. Applesauce Mash and stir cooked apples into a smooth and creamy applesauce is full of vitamins is best for kids nutrition.
  5. Fruit cups are also called summer cup which is designed to be made into a long drink with the addition of a soft drink such as lemonade or ginger ale.
  6. Smoothies are the best way to serve healthy breakfast for your kid’s nutrition.
  7. Fruit and yoghurt are kid’s nutrition foods which contain high vitamins and proteins.
  8. Peanut butter has nutrients, folate, and vitamin E. peanut butter also contains antioxidants.
  9. Fruit sandwich consists of fruits and jam which is loved by kids.
  10. Popsicles are like kids nutrition ice creams which are healthy and full of nutrients.

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Here is a list of vitamins and minerals which is necessary for kids nutrition:


Calcium is a mineral which is needed for bone, teeth, and for kid’s nutrition.

calcium include dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, curd, milkshake and many, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts such as almonds and calcium-fortified foods like some cereals, orange juice, and bread.


Kids nutrition can be increased by adding Protein in their food because protein helps in the breakdown food into energy, fight infection, and carry oxygen.

Food which contains protein is meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans and more.


Carbohydrates are the important source of energy which helps kid’s body to use fat and protein for building and repairing tissue.

Carbohydrates contain in rice, pasta, potato and more.


Fats are the great source which easily stores in a kids’ body.

Fat-containing food is cooking oil, meat, fish, nuts, and many.


Iron keeps healthy blood that carries oxygen to all over the body.

Iron-containing foods are red meat, whole grains, beans and more.


Folate is vitamin D which is necessary for healthy growth and development of kids’ body.

The food contains the high level of folate are whole grains cereals, lentils, spinach which added value in kids nutrition.


Many fruits contain fiber which prevents heart diseases and cancer which is the healthy part of kid’s nutrition.


Fibrous fruits are exotic fruits, apple, banana, and orange.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A helps in growth, assist eye, keeps skin healthy and prevent infection.

Vitamin A-containing foods are carrot, sweet potatoes, apricots and many.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C holds the body’s cells together, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and helps the body heal wounds, fighting the common cold. It is the citrus food like orange, lemon, melons, tomatoes and more which is good for kids nutrition.

Hope this blog fruits snacks for kids nutrition help you to choose the right food for your kids.

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