Plan a healthy diet for your kid today!

Plan a healthy diet for your kid today!

"healthy diet for kids"

Healthy diet for kids today!

What will be healthy diet for kids? Most common question, All the parents have heard that their children should be eating a balanced diet. But the question that remains unanswered for many is “balance of what?” Kids of all age groups require a certain amount of nutrition including in their food with the adequate amount of all the healthy ingredients. Here we will discuss few must-included diet components to keep your child energetic and healthy. Do not worry if your child is not so much fond of the green vegetables or fruits, most of the parents around the world are facing the same issue with their children as well. Parents just need to find the right dish with a little twist that will make your child fall in love with the nutritious food without a struggle. Include the given food/ alternatives in your kid’s diet and see the healthy individual growing in front of you.

Healthy diet for kids

1. Protein– Being one of the important and mandatory requirements in the child’s diet is a good amount of protein-rich food. Protein not only helps in building new cells in human body, it also breaks down food into energy, carry oxygen and fights infections. Here are the few food items that can be eaten to get proper protein supply.
a. Meat
b. Eggs
c. Fish
d. Beans
e. Poultry
f. Dairy Products.

2. Fats– A great source of energy for kids that can also be stored easily in a kid’s body, fats are important nutrients for all human beings. Excess fat can cause obesity, but a limited amount is necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Fats also help in absorbing the other nutrients that the child may need. Some of the food items rich in fat are-
a. Cooking oils
b. Meat
c. Fish
d. Nuts
e. Whole-milk dairy products

3. Carbohydrates– People are running after “reduce the carbs” principle without actually knowing how much essential it can be for a human body. It is the most important source of energy for the body. Carbohydrates are actually utilized in a child’s body to use fat and protein which eventually helps in building and repairing of the tissues. Carbohydrates can be taken in multiple forms like sugar, starch and fiber. Children are suggested to intake more of the fiber and starch and less of the sugar. Here are the few food items that are rich in carbohydrates and should be included in the child’s diet.
a. Cereals
b. Potatoes
c. Rice
d. Bread
e. Crackers

4. Calcium– The important nutrition for the strength and bone strength is calcium. Not only for bones and teeth, calcium is also important for blood, muscle, heart function and clotting of blood. A good amount of calcium can help in building a strong body that is physically fit. Often doctor advises parents to let their child have plenty of calcium in their diet reason being that at the growing age of a child gets proper and sufficient nutrition, the upcoming life can be healthy and many diseases can be avoided. Here is the list of few calcium-rich products.
a. Ice cream
b. Milk
c. Cheese
d. Yoghurt
e. Egg yolks
f. Tofu
g. Spinach

5. Folate– An important type of vitamin B, Folate is very much helpful in healthy growth and development of child’s cells. Especially important of the soon to be moms, it is equally beneficial for the kids. Consumption of sufficient amount of folate can highly reduce the chances of birth defects, lowers the risks of depression, and it also protects the pregnant women against miscarriage. Some of the food rich in folate are as follows
a. Whole grain cereals
b. Lentils
c. Chickpeas
d. Spinach
e. Brussels Sprouts
f. Black or Kidney beans
g. Asparagus

6. Iron– Being among the most important nutrients that builds healthy blood and also carries oxygen to cells all over the body. Iron-rich food should be consumed by everyone on a daily basis to keep oneself active and healthy. Some of the iron-rich food is as follows-
a. Liver
b. Poultry
c. Shellfish
d. Whole grains
e. Beans
f. Nuts
g. Red Meats
h. Iron-fortified cereals

7. Fiber– It helps in maintaining bowel regularity in the kids. Later on in the life, Fiber also helps in reducing the chances of cancer and heart disease. In elders it allows the body to fight constipation or irregular stools. Overall it improves the digestive health that cures a lot of stomach issues and digestive problems. Some of the fiber-rich foods are
a. Chickpeas
b. Lentils
c. Kidney beans
d. Seeds
e. Nuts
f. Whole-grain cereals

8. Vitamin C– It is important for building strong bones and teeth. Besides this, Vitamin C also fights off the common cold, holds the cells of the body together, helps the body in healing the wounds, and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. Food items that contain a good amount of Vitamin C are
a. Tomatoes
b. Potatoes
c. Citrus Fruits
d. Melons
e. Cabbage
f. Cauliflower
g. Mangoes
h. Broccoli
i. Strawberries
j. Papayas
k. Spinach

9. Vitamin A– With a wide variety of uses, Vitamin A serves multiple purposes for both kids and adults. It improves eyesight, keeps the skin fresh and rejuvenated, helps in preventing food infection. There are a large variety of foods available rich in vitamin A content. Here are the few
a. Sweet Potatoes
b. Squash
c. Apricots
d. Spinach
e. Broccoli
f. Cabbage
g. Fish Oils
h. Egg Yolks
i. Carrots
A balanced diet should be taken by kids, adults and older people to keep them fit and active. Hope this article was helpful and has provided with some valuable information. Do let us know in the comments below if we missed anything and share the additional details with everyone. Also read our blog on Five healthy diet tips for kids.


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