How to Make Healthy Snacks for Kids !

How to Make Healthy Snacks for Kids !

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Hello all dear friends here we are with a new blog which is the most awaited topic many of our readers was saying to write on healthy snacks for kids so finally we are sharing on How to Make Healthy Snacks for Kids. Have you tried searching healthy snacks for your kids all around but couldn’t make them eat? Kids are really choosy when it comes to food and especially when you intend to scoop a spoon full of healthy diet. Planning a healthy diet for your kid is an important part of their overall growth and nourishment. If you are trying to figure out some fun recipes for your child to finish the meal in few minutes, follow the yummy and innovative recipes that will surely encourage your child to adopt a lifestyle that will have fun with food. Let’s go ahead and read,

How to Make Healthy Snacks for Kids –

  1. Cucumber Sandwiches- Rich in water and minerals, cucumber can refresh the child after a long day of work. Cut the cucumbers into the round thick slices. To make it a bit more healthy snacks, use 2 slices of tomato, 1 slice of cheese, put some ketchup in between or any of the sauce that your kid likes. You can also include any other fruit or vegetable of your choice in between with a pinch of lime to bring tanginess. See your little one eating with ease and a cheerful smile.
  2. Frozen Banana Pops- Banana is a good source of Vitamin, Proteins, and Dietary Fiber. You can try multiple innovative recipes to feed your kids with this complete pack of nutrition. One such method is to cut a banana into small square/circular pieces. Dip it in some caramel or chocolate sauce. Freeze it for at least 2-3 hours so that the chocolate hardens. Take them out and serve delightful banana pops to your kids that is not only healthy but also looks delicious.
  3. Yummy Fruit Pizza- What can bring more temptation to your child if not everyone’s favorite pizza? It is always worth trying new recipes with pizza as it can be easily fed, easily prepared and most importantly fruit pizza looks amazingly delicious meanwhile being a healthy substitute for the cheesy pizza. Start the recipe by taking a thin cracker or roll base. Chop fruits like grapes, pineapple, kiwi, mango, oranges, pomegranate etc. of your choice into small pieces. Apply some lime drops with salt on the base and decorate it with the colorful vegetables. We bet you it will be finished in seconds by your kids.
  4. Fruity Smoothies- Being a pack of nutrition, smoothies are kid’s favorite. You can easily stuff vegetables, multiple fruits, and flavors as per the child’s requirement and taste. In a jar take some sliced fruits (Multiple or single as per your choice), milk, yogurt, sugar, and flavors like vanilla or chocolate. Blend it nicely to make a creamy thick healthy smoothie for your loved ones and serve it chilled. Garnish it with fruits and slices on the edges of the serving glass to make it more appealing.
  5. Frozen Yogurt delight- Yogurt is a rich source of calcium, protein, vitamin, and magnesium. It also provides animal protein found in other dairy products as well. Intake of it on a regular basis is beneficial for both kids and adults. Several innovative recipes can be made with this dairy product. To make frozen yogurt delight, take approximately 200 gms of yogurt in a bowl (Change the quantity as per the consumption and requirement), sugar, flavors, fruit slices, a plastic spoon or stick. Blend it nicely with all the above ingredients. After the formation of thick creamy yogurt, pour it into some deep-shaped container with a stick dipped as per the availability. Candy or ice-cream shape container would be great for serving. Keep it in the freezer for few hours. Serve the frozen yogurt delight with some garnishing and decoration.
  6. Salad Chat- What can be tastier than a chat? A Salad chat for sure which is a fully-loaded healthy snack for kids as well as adults. There are unlimited ways the world prepares the salads and we can easily put our innovation to make it yummy and healthy at the same time. Without making it a complex chore, simply cut all the fruits or vegetables of your choice like apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, avocado, strawberries etc. Slice these into medium sized pieces and add some chat masala, lime juice, and other taste-makers as per the choice and enjoy the exotic chat salad with your kids and everyone else.
  7. Oats Idli/Vada- Oats being an excellent source of manganese and molybdenum, it also contains a significant good amount of protein, phosphorous, Vitamin B1, and zinc. It is a healthy snack beneficial equally to kids and elders. Oats idli or vada can be a healthy choice over all the other oily food products in the market. A finely baked breakfast of idli with mint or tomato chutney can be tasty and also looks delicious while served with some amazing tangy flavors.
  8. Dry fruits Bowls– Considered as a complete diet, dry fruits are an exclusive and tasty source of beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium etc. A half bowl serving a day t your kids can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a significant increase in the metabolism of the body. Raisins, cashews, peaches, almonds, walnuts, dates, Fig, Hazelnuts, and apricots etc can be easily purchased from the market and can given to the kids in the form of a healthy snack.

Sometimes it can get complex to make a healthy plan for your kids in this busy lifestyle. A little time and efforts of you and the family can build a healthy and firm base for your child’s growth. Eating healthy snacks on a daily basis with making the kids adapt to all kinds of atmosphere with ease without losing the strength and metabolism.

Hope this article was helpful for you to understand the healthy snacks for kids. Do let us know your views in the comments down below. Feel free to share some more recipes with us and the audience.

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