How to keep children happy and healthy

How to keep children happy and healthy

"how to keep children happy"

how to keep children happy and healthy (the secret of happy children)

Have you ever looked for elder’s advice, or professional’s consultation on how to keep your children happy and healthy in this modern lifestyle? Great, you are not the only one concerned about your kid’s health and nutrition. Parents, especially new, are constantly seeking the right guidance that helps them in following a certain routine, diet, and medical advice that helps in keeping the children safe and sound. We are discussing some of the most significant ways in which you can easily achieve the desired health and happy state of mind for your child. Let’s begin

How to keep your children happy

  1. Make a habit to wash hands- This may sound peculiar and common but most of the respiratory and gastrointestinal disease can be avoided if kids learn the habit of washing hands before eating, after playing, coming back from school etc. Let them develop this as a routine to scrub their hands with hand wash or sanitize for at least 15-20 seconds. You will surely notice more hygiene around and healthy kids practicing good habits.
  2. Get plenty of sleep- Kids need to sleep for at least 8-12 hours a day to stay active and alert throughout. Sleep deprive kids have higher chances of catching flu and cold. Make your kid comfortable with his/her sleeping position and let them sleep in a calm atmosphere. If possible do not disturb the kid while sleeping. Parents often get worried that kid might be hungry and then they march to wake the child and feed. It is worth noticing that kids will themselves cry or will let you know if they are hungry. Do not disturb their sleep.
  3. Be active each day- Do not over pamper your child by not allowing them to do any physical task or play. Let them discover the new ways to crawl, run, walk or just roll. Mild exercise for kids can help to keep the cold and flu away to as much as 25-50%. Exercise boosts the circulation of the infection-fighting cells and hence keeps the kids healthy and safe from diseases.
  4. Avoid touching face multiple times- It is never a good habit to touch your face all the time. We use hands at many places like eating, washing, cleaning, rubbing parts of the body. This accumulates lots of bacteria and harmful microorganisms that can cause a serious threat to us. Viruses of diseases like cold and flu enter from nose, eyes, and mouth. So do not let your children keep their hands on these areas of face constantly. Also, it is a good initiative to teach your kid not to share toothbrush, straw, cups etc.
  5. Eat healthy and balanced diet- It is good to make your child eat everything to make them aware of the taste and nutrition. Remember not to overfeed them. Children these days are suffering from obesity that eventually invites multiple other diseases as well. Keep one day a week to have junk food and for rest of the days, promote and make them eat fruits, vegetables, fibrous food. Try and avoid junk food as much as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

It is important to know about the nutrition you and your child require. You can also consult a doctor or dietician before starting a new diet plan or introducing your kid to a new food form. It is not tough to develop a healthy lifestyle. Consistency and strong will are only needed to follow the designed routine.

Hope this article was helpful to you to know how to keep children happy and healthy. If you feel there are more important factors that can keep you and your child healthy, do let us and everyone know in the comments section down below.

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