How to make your kids eat more veggies without nagging

How to make your kids eat more veggies without nagging

"how to make kids eat"

How to make kids eat more veggies without nagging!!!

Hello friends we chiklupiklu are here again with a new topic for discuss that is how to make kids eat more veggies without nagging. We have all been in the age where we hated vegetables more than anything around but we also cannot deny the fact that vegetables are the most important nutritional products that helped us to grow into the healthy individuals.
Often you have seen your kids avoiding vegetables over some other tasty or unhealthy food. Just like your kid, all the other kids around the world are trying to put their green peas into the dog’s bowl, hiding the sprouts in their pants, or burying their beans under the carpet. Do not worry, it’s not just you. Look around and ask your friends, all are going through the same situation. Here, we have got few hacks and tips for you to make your child eat more veggies without losing interest ever.

Let’s begin how to make kids eat –

1. Start with you- Yes, the most common mistake parents make is to feed their kids with veggies whereas they themselves avoid eating the same. Kids learn a lot from what they see. When they are going to observe the people eating vegetables around them on a daily basis, they are going to try it for sure. So, Tip number 1, start with you first.

2. Have a veggie dish prepared beforehand- This will help you when your hungry kid comes running to you before dinner or lunch asking for food, you can ask them to eat the veggie dish as the only option. Tell them nothing is prepared yet! You win!

3. Try the variety- All the vegetables are healthy, make sure your kid is not allergic to anything and then experiment with different kinds of vegetables. Not all kids like the same kind of veggies. Keep trying to figure out what your kids might eat.

4. One Bite Rule- Keep it a rule when you introduce a new vegetable to your child, they have to take at least one bite. This will compel them to try it once and who knows, they might like it!

5. Show some art in serving- Mashed vegetables served in a bowl can look more boring than it actually tastes. Try to find ways in which you can get creative with the food presentation. Kids get excited when they see faces, cartoons, dolls, toys shape in their food. Try it next time, and watch them finish the food in no time.

6. Keep Trying- Yes, do not lose hope, this is the issue with all the kids of not liking vegetables. You care about your kid’s health and therefore you should keep trying. It takes time for kids to develop a taste for veggies. Be patient and keep up the good work.

Parenting is not easy and this is the time you will always remember. Running around your kids to make them eat the healthy food may seem like a struggle at first, but your one-time effort can shape a healthy kid for future. Let us know what you feel about the tips and also if any other tips or trick that actually helped you to make your kids eat vegetables.

These are some tips which will help you to make kids eat, Hope now you have an answer of how to make kids eat.

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