Top 20 Indoor Games for Kids

Top 20 Indoor Games for Kids

Kids love to play. But it would be a lucrative deal if they also learn something while playing the games. While some games impart values and develop skills, the other ones hone and improve their knowledge and information. Therefore, we have collected here “Top 20 Indoor Games for Kids” which you can play with your tiny toddlers with enjoyment and fun!

1. Pictionary

It’s not an amazement to know that this game tops the list! Pictionary is a fun game where one player has to draw an image indicating the word and the another has to guess it. The easier it seems, the funnier it gets.

Pictionary will definitely increase the creativity of your kid. Drawing an image, without uttering the word, indicating at its features and ultimately guessing-game would definitely enhance your kid’s subject knowledge -that too with so much fun!! Pick up a marker, grab a board and start drawing!

2. Musical Chair

Nothing can beat the excitement level of musical chairs. While it leaves no stones unturned to even fascinate the adults, the kids immensely love it. Dancing to the musical beats while running around to grab a chair (actually snatch it), the kids enjoy it at its fullest.

This game of Musical Chairs can be played by your kids with the family or even with their friends. Just arrange for some space, some chairs and the music will do the rest. Come on, be the kid with your kids! Enjoy with them, Play with them !!

Top 20 Indoor Games for Kids

3. Board Games

The vacations won’t be called as vacations if your kids aren’t playing the traditional games -Snake-Ladder, Ludo, Chess with their buddies! No matter, now the technology has made all these games available online, insist on playing it on the conventional board.

Snake and Ladder can be paraphrased as a win of Good over Evil. While snakes represent the obstructions and hindrances in the way of success, the ladders pave the way towards the goals. Maybe the little minds aren’t capable of understanding this complexity yet, but it would definitely help in nurturing their tender minds!

Chess has its own benefit! Now, who doesn’t want his child to become the next Vishwanathan Anand?! Chess improves thinking skills, strategic management and brainpower.

4. Freeze!

As the name suggests, this game is all about holding on to a position without moving. But what if I mention that you need to stop spontaneously after the music stops ?! Froze?

After the music stops and so do your kids (after the dance), everyone needs to become a ‘Statue’ without moving. One person will take up the job of breaking this position- either by cracking up jokes or by teasing the mannequins so that at least one of them moves. Then what, we would get our losers (getting a loser is tough, but losers aren’t!)

5. Tic-Tac-Toe:

This is basically a pen and paper-based game, involving 2 players. So if your kids are at home, sticked to their gadgets, give them this game to play. This is also called as ‘O-X’ where one player needs to insert his chosen symbol (either ‘O’er a ‘X’) in a checked-square -like a figure to either complete a row/ diagonal /column. First to do this will be the winner.

This is the game which will never bore your toddlers in the hope of winning in the next attempt! However, there are various online applications available where your kid can play with the bots! But make sure that you, as a parent or a guardian, play with them, as winning against the parent will surely boost up your toddler’s confidence.

6. Indoor Bowling :

Encountered a rainy day outside? Keep your kids happy and busy with the all-new Avatar of classical Bowling – Indoor Bowling.

Just like conventional bowling, arrange the bowling pins, which are not heavy as original ones, into a pattern. Pro tip: If you can’t arrange for the bowling pins, go with the empty plastic bottles! Next, throw a ball on to them. The one whose maximum pins fall will be the winner.

7. Name -Place -Animal -Thing :

This is the best indoor game for kids with fun and knowledge. Through this game, your toddler will not only know about the names of animals, things, places; but also about speed – strategy.

This is a group game – minimum 2 and maximum as many players can play this!! Your kids with their classmates, friends and even cousins can play this. They just need to draw the columns for each of the following – Name, Place, Animal, Thing. One will utter an alphabet, and everyone will have to write the corresponding names. Whoever finishes the fast will be the winner. But make sure to check at last!

8. Puzzles :

While at home, give your kid a puzzle to solve. This will not only improve his thinking and arrangement skills but will also enhance his rational analytic skills – that too with too much fun!

The fancy images, colourful pictures of puzzles will attract your kid’s attention, for sure.

Indoor Games for kids

9. Card Games :

It won’t be called a family event if you don’t play with your kids with cards. Various card games like Crazy Eight, Rummy, Seven Centre, Go Fish etc. are fully entertaining and a way for the family to spend time with their toddlers.

Card games improve your kid’s skills like focusing, patience, permutation – combination, sequencing, colour identification, comparison and what not -all packed with fun and enjoyment!

Indoor Games for kids

10. Monopoly :

Monopoly is a board game involving fictitious money, fictitious transactions and expenditure – savings. The minimum age for playing Monopoly is 8 years. However, Junior Monopoly can be played by children of 5-8 years of age. Playing monopoly doesn’t only increase knowledge about money-saving, handling, but also enhances calculation power for your kid! Let them dream, let them buy their house, let them go on foreign trips, let them save, let them spend money – all in their own world! Monopoly creates a vision where the kid learns practical and modest attributes of life.

Indoor Games for Kids

Top 20 Indoor Games for Kids :

11. DIY Activities

This is not a typical game, but a fun activity. DIY stands for “Do It Yourself “. These activities include art and craft projects, designing, drawing etc. which let your child create things of his own.

If you want to develop the artistic skills and creativity of your children, then you should encourage them to indulge in art-craft activities. Preparing unique handmade items, showpieces from common things will surely make your kids artistically smart!

12. Hide and Seek:

Hide and seek is one of the favourite indoor as well as outdoor games. Call out for your child’s friends. Your home will be the best place to play this game if you have many rooms, corridors and furniture to hide behind!

The Baccha -Party will be enjoying much since the seeker and the hiders will be in close proximity. But make sure the children’s safety regarding their ambush.

Indoor Games for kids

13. Treasure Hunt :

Treasure Hunt is a simple, fun game where your kids will learn the art of identification of things from the clues.

In this game, you need to hide treats or coins in various places in your house along with clues and hints for the next location. Just give him the hint about the first clue/thing, then let your child discover the rest on his own – to reach the ultimate goal!

14. Carom :

Carom is a 4-player game basically played on a carom board. In this game, the participants will have to sit at each of the 4 sides. Different coloured coins have to be placed at the board, where each player will try to strike the coin into the corner -hole to win the coin- and ultimately the game!

This is a nice way for a family to spend time together with their toddlers and teach them the importance of family -values!

15. Clay – Dough :

This is also a fun activity where you have to just give your kid a clay-dough, which is easily available in the market.

Just ask your kid to create anything, any item that he likes. Then watch his creativity and innovation unfold!

Indoor Games for kids indoor

16. Building a Fort :

This is again, not a typical game, but an interesting activity, that will keep your child engaged in building, designing and creating his own home – a home within a home!

In this activity, allow your child to make a small, cozy home out of pillows, blanket, chair, cardboard boxes, cushions etc. The fort, that your child will be making may fall, get collapsed and what not! But your child will learn to balance, trying, arranging to ultimately reign in his own kingdom!

17. Crossword :

This is the best way to improve your child’s vocabulary, punctuation and analytic skills with a blend of knowledge and fun.

Ask your child to solve the crosswords of the magazines or even you can go for online applications, where the difficulty levels can be managed. This activity will surely help your child in language learning and vocabulary enrichment.


18. Hot Potato :

This is a group game requiring the participants to sit in a circle. Play the music and then ask the kids to pass on the potato to each other. After stopping the music, the kid who would have the potato in his hand will have to do some activity – dance, sing, act, mimic – whatever he wants!

This will boost up their talent, confidence and will remove their stage -phobia!!

19. Balloon Ping-Pong :

This is the most entertaining game that your kids will definitely like. You just have to give them a balloon and the shown rackets. Or else, you both can create and make this easily DIY-rackets out of disposable plates and a stick.

Then just like tennis or badminton, start playing and make sure your kid wins Wimbledon!!

Indoor Games for Kids

20. Dominoes Block :

Indoor Games for Kids

Stacking the dominoes in different patterns and watching them fall will surely be very entertaining for your kid. Your kid will eventually learn the art of different pattern formations, arrangements and will be enthusiastically busy with watching it fall in a spiral design!

So these were the Top -20 Indoor Games for Kids that will be surely enjoyed by your tiny toddlers!!

-Niyati Muley

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