Pizza, Burger, and Coke Make Your Kid Obese – Switch to Healthy Nutrition

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We are here with a new and important topic related with kids health, here in this blog we will show you how you can switch your kids fast food obese threw healthy nutrition food.A study done by the George Washington University found out that in any given day 20% of pre-teen American children consume pizza, while 23% of teenage Americans will have pizza on any given day. The study also found out that these kids who snacked on pizza ended up taking in 84 calories more than their recommended daily intake.

The US CDC shows just how big the problem is by reporting that 1 in 6 American kids is obese. With such popularity of fast foods, obesity is worryingly expected to be a concern for parents

High calories

The average plain hamburger will have 29g of carbs, 13g of protein, and 10g of fat. This adds up to 254 calories. Popular add-ons include vegetables (20 calories), mayonnaise (1tbsp= 100 calories), and mustard (1 tbsp. =15 calories). This means the typical burger will have 499 calories. Add the 140 calories in a coke and another 266 calories in a pizza, and you get 915 calories in total.

High-calorie intake and lower physical activity (more time on video games and movies) are the leading causes of obesity in children. The risks of obesity in children include high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. There is also the social impact of low self- esteem, and being bullied by peers.

Switch to healthy Nutrition for better kids health

How can a parent switch to healthy nutrition and avoid the risks associated with obesity in children?

  • More homemade meals

Having meals at home will wean your kids from fast foods and the craving for sugar and salt. You can control what your children eat better with well-researched meal plans. The food does not have to be boring either, as you get loads of recipes on the internet. It plays important role in kids health.

  • Encourage more fruits and vegetables

When your kid asks for a fajita, offer an apple instead. Reducing snacking can cut unnecessary calories by a large percentage. Eating fruits as snacks have the double benefit of improving your kid’s appetite while delivering much-needed vitamins. food also directly affect kids health.

  • Higher water intake

Stop stocking sugary drinks in the fridge. Even processed fruit juices have high amounts of artificial sugar. Health experts say that water is the healthiest drink for kids’ hydration. Encourage your kid to take a glass of water after meals, and when feeling thirsty.

A balanced diet contains food from the 3 major food groups; carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Your child’s plate should have portions of each in every meal. A health diet is must for good kids health.

Feeding your kid healthy nutrition is a necessity, not a luxury. Your kid avoids risk for lifestyle diseases and instead gets long-term physical and mental growth benefits.

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