Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Top 5 Healthy Recipes

Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Top 5 Healthy Recipes

Gone are the times, when the mothers used to give their kids -a large tiffin-box with separate containers for each of the chapati, vegetable, salad, dal, and rice. Now, this smart generation asks for smart lunchboxes. If the food that you pack for their school-lunch, doesn’t excite them, they won’t eat it – as simple as that! But as smart mothers and guardians, you’ll have to present the same old food- nutritious and healthy – into a modern and smart avatar!! So here we present some ‘Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids‘ that will surely help you out with the inevitable question of – what and how to pack the nutritional plate of food in a small lunchbox!

Smart generations need smart ideas. To fill their tiny lunchbox with tastier, delicious but nutritional food, you will have to leave old conventional methods and switch over to fancy precise (not fast food, to be precise) – healthier and tastier!!

Different Types of Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids:

1. Frankie Roll and Cutlets :

Leave the old method of giving the typical chapati and vegetable(sabji) – that hardly motivates your child to even open the lunchbox!! Go with the trend. And Frankie Rolls are the best way to give the same old chapati and vegetables – but in a new avatar. Frankies are basically rolls of vegetable, ketchup, cheese, and some raw veggies – all wrapped in chapati. Sounds delicious, right?

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian Lunchbox Recipes for KIDS- Frankie Roll

Another item that can accompany Frankie Rolls are the Cutlets. Cutlets are basically the vegetable rolls with breadcrumb bindings- so no worry!! Your child will the entire bud nutrients and fibres of veggies – but in a tastier manner. Just wait for the tiffin box to be found empty!!

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian lunchbox Recipes for Kids- Cutlets

2. Stuffed Paratha- Curd- Pickle

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian Lunchbox Recipes for kids- Stuffed Parathas

Parents always have this tension of giving ‘something good, healthy and delicious ‘ to their kids in schools or picnics. This condition is omnipresent. Every parent faces the question. So the best answer to this query can be – Stuffed Parathas.

Stuffed Parathas can be accompanied by Curd/Yogurt ( rich in calcium) or pickle or ketchup, that generally excites kids. Stuffed Parathas may include stuffing of mashed potato, cauliflower, or even mix-veg. In this way, children will eventually be eating what they hate the most- the veggies!

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids

3. Fried-Rice / Pulav:

Another option for the lunchboxes of kids can be fried rice or what do we call in vernacular -Pulaav. Rice is a good source of carbohydrates that will provide energy for all the activities of your kids – throughout the day. Adding some peanuts, carrots, curry leaves will not only enhance its nutritional value but will also taste good!

Pro Tip: Adding some soya nuggets in Pulaav will increase kids’ intake of proteins – the perfect combo of carbohydrates and proteins.

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Fried Rice

4. South Indian Flavors:

Another good move can be including the flavours of South India! Various dishes like – Idli, Appam, Apple or even Upma are rich in taste. And since they are steamed, they are good for health too!

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Idli

Another option can be – Fried Idli. Since this dish is easy to handle and eat and doesn’t even require the associated curry with it (thus avoiding the great mess for your tiny kid ), it can be a good.variabt for your kids’s lunchbox.

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids

5. Vegetable Sandwich:

Next, in the league are the all-time favourite -the Sandwich. Frankly speaking, this item holds a favoured position in everyone’s mind- oh sorry- the stomach! So this could be an intelligent move to include this in your tiny kid’s menu!

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Vegetable Sandwiches

Adding vegetable stuffing, cheese, mayonnaise sauce, ketchup and accompanying it with fruit salad or with nuts can be the best idea to win your child.

Lunchbox Recipes for Kids
Indian lunchbox Recipes for kids

So, these were some of the best options for Indian Lunchbox Recipes for Kids, which your kid will surely like. No more filled and returned lunchboxes. Wait for the empty ones!!

-Niyati Muley

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