Monkey’s Wedding

Monkey’s Wedding

Invitation cards were printed in two colours, green and red. Red cards for carnivores and green for herbivorous animals. Cards were distributed like foliage in the jungle.

Two huge and beautiful marquees had been installed in the most lavish party plot of the jungle for the grand reception. Jack, the groom, was rich but self-centered. Through this party, he wanted to impress all the influential animals of the jungle. The most influential were mainly carnivores.

The Herbivorous community was innocent and simple-hearted. Jack wanted to invite them but did not want to pay much money for their banquet. He only wanted to boast about his power and develop relations with the elite class. Despite that, he too was a herbivore and had nothing more than money.

The funny part was that all the waiters were zebras as they look natural waiters. And Jack thought it would save money spent over the uniform.

Rich carnivores had started coming for the fest in their luxurious and lustrous SUVs. Serving bowls were placed in a queue like vagons of a train. Round tables and chairs had worn white and golden dresses. Tigers, lions, leopards, bears, crocodiles and many other predators were gulping down the foods of various cuisines.

In contrast, the other marquee had a few dishes for grass eaters. Dears, rabbits, antelopes, giraffes, and monkeys had got no choice. They were forced to sit on tables and chairs wearing no clothes. Fries, sweet-curd with rice, vegetable sandwich and one sweet were served on each plate by waiters. The whole community found it insulting and decided to quit the abusive feast. But a wise elephant explained everyone the ethics of friendship, though Jack had forgotten all the courtesies of a host, but they should never.

Bride and groom were wandering in flesh eater’s arena like an examiner in the examination hall. A famous orchestra was scattering songs of prominent chartbusters there. Jack went alone to meet his childhood friends whom he had forgotten in flattering wild beasts.

The next day, Jack told his wife Bella about a huge annual jungle carnival in their region that attracts thousands of animals from other jungles too.  It was tough to get tickets for rides due to the mass gathering. But Jack was confident of getting tickets without any trouble because he shared a good rapport with all the bigwigs of the forest. Listening this Bella’s joy knew no bounds, she was walking on air.

The first ride was the tallest roller coaster that takes one to howl in the ear of the clouds. There was a long string of animals but Jack was confident of getting tickets instantly as he had entertained the black striped big cat with a pleasing meal last night. But he was prevented to meet the tiger by a cackle of Hyena bouncers who were keeping troublemakers at bay.

Insulted Jack moved towards the adjoining ride. It was the most expensive, ‘Dashing Car’, especially enjoyed by newly married couples. Husbands were pushing each other to get a ticket like humans in Mumbai’s local. And their wives were waiting optimistically. King of the jungle was the owner of this ride. Jack approached the lion in hope to get some discount but he paid no heed.

Jack thought to buy Bella her favourite chocolate cake to change her mood. The cake he chose was costly. He hadn’t had much cash so he decided to pay through a card. Much to his surprise debit card swipe machine was out of order. Jack asked crocodile, the owner of Baker’s Hut if he could pay cash later, but the long-tailed aquatic reptile signaled towards a flash card that reads ‘No Credit’.

All big names had appeared tiny so far. ‘They are extremely selfish’ said Jack to his wife, ‘let’s go home.’ Sad both turned back to leave the fair when they saw Leo, the giraffe coming towards them.

‘Hi guys, where are you going, how could you leave the fair without enjoying ‘Pendulum Ride’? Said Leo.

Leo took them to the long swing, it was too crowded but he helped them enter through VIP gate. Jack and Bella enjoyed their first ride thoroughly. It was like the first drop of rain after scorching heat. Leo didn’t charge anything for the ride. He told them not to forget visiting ‘Food Ride’ a restaurant belonged to deers.

The owners of the restaurant Toby, Jasper, and Oscar were already informed by Leo. They welcomed Jack and Bella with a bouquet and introduced them to all the guests and were insisted to cut a very beautiful and huge chocolate cake. Jasper sang a song for the couple.

They all were very happy. Soon other friends joined the celebration, Jack hugged his best friend Oscar together both had saved many animals from tigers and lions in the jungle. He said sorry, tears rolled down his cheeks. He had realised his mistake. Friends in life are like water to a fish. You can’t live without them, everyone hugged Jack. He cried his heart out.

We should never forget our old friends for new or powerful ones because friendship happens at a tender age never happens for selfish motives. It brings happiness and fulfillment.


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