Mother’s Plight

Mother’s Plight

Markets in India are usually filled heavily with human beings, vehicles and, merchandise like the tremendous crowd in a football stadium in Europe. You see a purdah of products hanging at the face of shops. But many times when it comes to helping a poor, markets are a deserted pond in summer. For the rich help is available in surplus, but an unseen force stops people from helping a poor. I encountered such incident one day.

It was a summer afternoon, in the bazaar of a dusty town, hawkers were dragging carts laden with mangoes, litchis, and watermelons. There was a queue of shops on both sides of the road. A lot of commodities were parked in the parking area and bikes on the road, shrinking the pathway. There was an old and non-functional fountain at the roundabout adorned with dust. A huge tamarind tree in the corner had a few colourless kites hanging through its branches, some cobblers, florist and a few autorickshaws were waiting for customers under it.

I was purchasing fruits when I saw a lady on her right side of forty. She looked dark, weak, and poor with teary eyes, she was wearing a worn out sari. She seemed worried and was trying to help her son walk steadily, he could be twelve. He was unable to walk himself. The lady was crying for help, she was raising her hand to stop people riding bicycle. I wondered, why she wasn’t hiring an auto. And the answer came in the voice of an onlooker like me “She looks poor and her son might have a high temperature.”  Said he.

She made him sit on the stone at the corner of a shop, which was kept on the drain. Boy rested his head on his mother’s lap and body on the stone. This is the only help any businessman had offered in the main market to that troubled lady and sick child, that too unknowingly.

She was wiping his sweat by her sari. Again she waved hand to stop a bicycle. I was astonished why she was not asking a biker to stop. To my surprise, a man on a cycle stopped, he understood her plight in no time, he carried that sick child, helped him sit on the crossbar. She sat behind him on the carrier. He paddled them to the roundabout, took right and were out of my sight in a few seconds.

I wanted to know what happened later, I still want to know if that lad is fine. But an unknown force stopped me. I am sad, I don’t know what made me watch her agony. I should have extended my helping hand. I find myself a culprit.

Now let’s see the other important side of life. Let’s relate this incident to our Mother Earth.

Lady – Mother Earth

Plants and Trees – Her Son

We the people of cities and towns – Businessmen and Onlookers

Villagers – Bicycler

Like we are to our mother, plants are to the earth. How could she see her children dying? When your mother can’t see you ill. We are cutting them at an alarming rate. We never see her plight. We seldom extend our helping hand to save nature. People living in cities do not have time, we almost never sit in the lap of nature and speak to her.

Her last hope is people from villages who ride bicycle, they never harm her they spend time with her. We drive bikes and cars on highways at the speed of 100 km/ph. or more, thinking about our destination, movies, parties, and marriages. Think about your road trip, you would have seen increasing number of houses and decreasing number of trees. We are creating a jungle of concrete which is beautiful but doesn’t release oxygen.

You guys know many ways to help our environment stay fit, please practice one in your busy schedule. Don’t just be an onlooker come forward to extend your helping hand, ride a bicycle at least on weekends, spend time with nature and plant trees.

Save Environment, Happy World Environment Day





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