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"outdoor play for kids"

Outdoor play for children

Here in this blog we are sharing with you some outdoor play for children.

When we as an adult think about our childhood memories which are the best ones that strike our minds first? Isn’t it the one in which we played outdoors with our parents, our siblings or our friends at the park, at the picnic or in our colonies outside our homes or on our terraces?

Those were the days when we use to feel so happy and tension free during the sessions of free plays and definitely it was one the best period of our lives.

But then with the advent of new technologies like television and Internet and with more urbanisation and lesser social interactions the opportunities to feel such an ecstasy has become limited for children in the age-group of 1 to 6 years.
And nowadays there is constant pressure mounting on the minds of young children due to competitiveness and parents expectations which may hinder their developmental path. Various researches indicate that absence of outdoor play amongst the children can give birth to a selfish human society.

So again let us refresh ourselves with
Importance of outdoor play for children (Age group 0-6 years)

• Outdoor play is powerful and enabling.

• Outdoor play has equal value to indoor learning.
• Outdoor play has a positive impact on children’s well-being and development.
• Is much more than ‘playtime’ and a chance ‘to let off steam.’
• Outdoor play makes children more adaptive.
Benefits of Outdoor Play outdoor play is also teamed up with number of benefits like
• Develop motor skills and build their strength, flexibility and endurance
• Improves social skills and brain development.
• Increases their self confidence and boost up their self esteem
• Increases attention span and concentration in indoor activities as well
• Reduces stress and tension.
• Provides the little ones with Vitamin D required for healthy bones and development.
• Presents them with healthy lifestyle.

Kinds of Outdoor Play we can offer to the children are:-
1. STRUCTURED PLAY: Organized, quick, and intense activities led by adults like coaching program for sports like Football or Tennis or academically inclined activities like counting the flowers on the bushes or writing with a twig on damp ground can prepare the child for writing or tummy time for infants help them to develop skills like moving forward.

2. UNSTRUCTURED PLAY: Free play to stimulate creativity and use the imagination like playing games of chasing, hide-and-seek or kick-to-kick, crawling through tunnels or climbing over fallen trees, moving in different ways with colorful leaves, flowers, scarves or streamers.

Although Outdoor playing idea seems thrilling and encouraging but before taking the children outdoors we should take certain Precautions like;

We should visit the play area before taking kids outdoors, supervise children while they play, allow children to play only on equipment suitable to their age and developmental stage like jungle gyms or slides, make sure children know how to take turns and share resources if they are playing a group game .

I think by know we have gained ample of insight into the world of outdoor play so keeping in mind the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” take all your little Jacks and Jills outdoors for playing.

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