Tale of a lion and a rabbit- A Panchtantra Story

Tale of a lion and a rabbit- A Panchtantra Story

A Panchtantra Story – Tale of a lion and a Rabbit

Hello, Dear readers we are here again with a Panchatantra story a lion and a rabbit, it is an interesting and with full of moral story. you can tell your kids this story it will make them happy and also they will learn the importance of wisdom.

A long time ago there was a jungle where a lion used to live whose name was ‘Mufasa’. He was very cruel to other animals of the jungle and used to kill them. All the animals once got together and visited the lion and said, King you do not need to go for hunting for your food, we will bring you one animal daily to eat.

The lion was very happy to listen to this and said you all are offering me with a good proposal but even if one day you fail to bring me food then I will kill all of you and eat.

After this, all the animals started living their lives freely in the jungle. Then one day it was a rabbit’s chance to go to the lion and become his food. On his way, rabbit started thinking that he has to do something by which he can save him as well as other animals live.

Suddenly he found a very deep well. He went near to it and looked down and what he saw there was his own shadow. He got frightened to see that and then an idea came to his mind. He started walking slowly towards the lion’s den and when he reached there it was already dark.

The lion was very angry. He said you are such a small animal and you are so late. Now in the morning, I am going to eat all of you.

After listening to this rabbit bowed down and greeted him with respect. He said I am so sorry my king, but this is not my fault or any other animals fault. I know I am very small to satisfy your hunger and therefore five of us were coming together for you. But on our way, we found a very big lion who ate four rabbits and somehow I managed to save my life and came to you.

To this king, the lion roared very loudly!!!!!  And said the second lion?? Rabbit said yes my king, he said now he is the king of the jungle and anyone who thinks is more powerful than he should dare to come in front of him.

Mufasa became extremely angry and said take me that lion right now. Let me also see how powerful he is.

Rabbit became happy after listening to this and thought his idea is working. Both of them began to walk towards that deep well. Rabbit started boosting about lion’s power and said see my king that lion got so scared of you that he is hiding somewhere in the jungle. Come follow me I will show you where he is. Mufasa approached towards the deep well and looked down. He saw his own shadow and roared very loudly. The sound echoed in his ears and he began to roar again and again. His anger was on the 9th cloud and he jumped into the well to fight with another lion who was no one other than his own shadow.

And this is how Mufasa ended his own life in his stupidity. All the other animals were very happy and started living their life joyfully after that.

So what is the moral of this Panchatantra story ??

‘Intelligence has great power. With intelligence, one can win over anyone.’!!!

Hope this Panchatantra story a lion and a rabbit will entertain your kids.

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