Tale of a Deer and his Horns – The Vain Stag

Hello Readers! Chiklu-Piklu presents here a short yet inspiring story with moral for your kids. This can serve as a bedtime story for your kids. This ‘Tale of a Deer and his horns’ is motivating for your kids. Your kids will find it interesting and moralising. Here goes the Panchatatra story :

Tale of a Deer and his horns:

A long time ago, a stag (deer) used to live in a dense, lush forest. The forest was the home for various wild animals. With the end of spring season, it was the time for the hot and tiresome summer season.

On one such hot and dry day, when the stag was resting under a tree, he felt thirsty. He came to a spring (pond), flowing nearby to have a drink of water. The water in the spring was steady and clear. While he stood there drinking water, he saw his reflection in the clear water. With great delight, he said, “Ah! My horns are wonderfully beautiful. They are so attractive and suits my personality. ” He stood there praising the worth of his horns, when his focus shifted to his legs. He pondered, “Oh! My legs are so thin and ugly. I have all hatred for them. How I wish, my legs were as beautiful as my pretty horns! “

Just a moment after this, the stag heard the sound of a hunter, approaching him. He also saw the barking hounds (wild dogs) coming towards him. The frightened stag started running for his life. His hateful legs carried him to a safe place in the bushes, leaving the hounds far behind. He was in all praise for his ugly but helpful legs.

Unluckily, his horns, of which he was so proud, got stuck in the prickly bush in which he was hiding. He tried his level best to free himself, but all in vain. Soon, the chasing hounds came upto him. They overpowered him and then killed him.

His legs, which the stag considered as ugly, helped him escape the hounds. But, the beautiful horns which he had admired so much, brought about his unfortunate death.

So what is the Moral of the story??

  1. All that glitters is not gold.
  2. Appearances can be deceptive.
  3. Pride hath a fall.

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