Wise Vacations “From ten yards to ten Acres”

Wise Vacations  “From ten yards to ten Acres”

Aviral’s mother forced him to accompany her to the vegetable market. She wanted to develop a gap between him and video games, her son was wasting all his summer holidays sitting in front of television burdening his mind and gaming remote both. Spending many hours in front of a screen and not enough social interaction can hamper the growth of a human brain.

Aviral felt irritated in the overcrowded vegetable market. The screeches of salesmen made him cover his ears. He wanted to leave but all of a sudden his mother screamed, “tomatoes 80/- per kg?” And slipped into an argument with the dealer.

Boys aren’t much interested in such dealings usually, but the things which captivated his attention was the shabby vendors with messy shops and pale tomatoes, still high prices. Somehow he brought his mother back home.

In the evening when Aviral went to a nearby mall with his friends he came up against a book with white cover and pictures of big and red tomatoes. Big letters on the book read ‘How to grow vegetables?’ He entered the bookstore in spite of his friend’s objection and took the book to review. The very first topic in contents was ‘Cherry Tomatoes’, he bought the book instantly

He read that book till late night, to his parent’s surprise he woke up early in the morning to find the best place in his garden for growing tomatoes.

His mother asked him, “What are you doing”?

“I am going to produce Lycopersicum esculentum…” he answered.

“What?” His mother quipped in wonder shrugging her shoulders.

“It is a scientific name given to tomatoes, now we will eat organic food fresh from your unhygienic market vegetables and very much pesticide free too. I’ll burn lots of calories while tilling, weeding and harvesting. It gives peace to mind and will bring me close to mother earth too mom.” Aviral announced proudly.  

His mother felt proud of her son. She was amazed to see the power of book reading, it has changed his son overnight.

After selecting a prime place in his garden, Aviral went to the market to do related shopping. He brought seeds, agricultural water can, vermicompost (a kind of manure made of worms), spade, weeding hook etc.

He sowed tomato seeds in 10 yards. He started watering it twice a day and was taking proper care of it. In a couple of days, seedlings came out of the soil, fresh, smiling like a baby. 

Schools were about to reopen and Aviral’s pale tomatoes were turning red. His mother was sure that these tomatoes would suffice their family’s need.

On the first day of his son’s school, she woke up early to cook ‘Tamatar ki Chatni’ for her hard-working child who brought a feeling of pride in her life. She wanted to show her son that he has accomplished a very useful job. 

Aviral too was happy and was excited to share this valuable dish with his friends. Valuable, because he gave his whole vacations to his family’s health and utilized his vacations like never before.

…the idea is, we can utilize our leisure time by gaining knowledge of other fields to make our vacations worth. There are many fields which allow you to learn about them in these 60 days not bothering your fun with cousins and friends. (that simply means you can genuinely learn and enjoy together) So, start your quest for a good hobby class, and buy books which will help you shape your future well.

After one year Aviral started growing tomatoes in 10 acres land with the help of his father, simultaneously with his studies. He gives his harvest to a tomato sauce making company and earns a great deal of money since he made his vacations worth learning, now the result is worth listening.



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